Kompetenzzentrum für Mensch und Sucht

by VJii TV
Regie: Delia Kunz / Model GRAFpeter


Read my Eyes

the language of my eyes

by bsv-Production / concept & idea: Sandro Bäbler / camera & edit: Martin Bäbler / sounddesign & music: Walter Bäbler


Überhose & Puderdose

Das Model vom Bauernhof

by VJii TV
production: Delia Kunz / model GRAFpeter


Peter der Film

Actors:GRAFpeter and PUSSY THE COW / After an idea of Peter Graf and Columbo
by Columbo Pictures 2012

Additional music by Oberbaselbieter Ländlerkapelle
special thanks to Delia Kunz and Monica Graf for styling, outfits and equipment


Life is too short . . .

by: Delia Kunz / with: GRAFpeter

Music by: Edgar Muriset at IST-Werbeteam